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If Google Translate wrote a SCP file.
If Google Translate wrote a SCP file 3.
If Google Translate wrote a SCP file 4.

 So here we are again, Translating another SCP from English to Random languages and back. This time I had to do the Addendums separately, it's still funny though, so without further ado, here is Google Translate's version of the article file for SCP-178:

Index: SCP-178

The Facility Class: Euclid

Special Techniques of Preservation: SCP-178, should be at least two studies may not armed 3 (2) in order to prevent conflict 3 protection class containers. This article only needs to be removed from the holding in order to obtain the consent of the employee or four more at the level of written consent. Only 14 Test 178 alpha event examined during the test, all present remote monitoring and all employees should be strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-178 is white stereo glasses ( "3-D") (in that order, to the left and right of the lens), white cardboard and plastic transparent lens blue and red is a rectangular frame couple. This is an exception, and it is not unusual for some of the paint on cardboard with a normal physical life. If you are using, the user, as well as the normal environment begins to be under the two-legged walking. With one exception, they released calm, sometimes strange behavior (operational reports, including those that rely on the arm of a man looking with interest). User or other person authorized to show the people involved once tried to communicate directly with each other, causing serious divisions (see 14 alpha incident report No. 178). Vista tears, quickly and while users will continue to the end. The image is always zero three (3) and parallel sharp object to cut 2.14 27.4 cm, the maximum thickness of 2.9 cm and 8.1 compatibility and record the measurement device should be used in the study, even if counselors (a) shows the object (s) not detects any difference. Subjects did not report the sound of this topic. They did not see a long-term issue a lasting impact on the things that are open to all goods. The three-dimensional image may be perceived by the elements that appear in three dimensions.

Appendix 1: Items back on ██ / ██ / 19██ ███████ deputy in Tennessee [redacted], which acts as a stimulant deep into the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which comes to town after reports █ years old baby died in her bedroom on the first floor, probably due mauling unusual. Agent [pull] stereoscopic image Ferris wheel noted bloody close to where it is found that the child, and after some searching found the object in the bed of a child where it appears that the child throws during the agony. Agent [he developed], and then began to call for the team to rebuild its location. After the arrival of the Recovery Agents [removed] to locate and check out the picture, there is nothing unusual, to say the head facing left, and then saw a body "horse" face leaning on his shoulder and looking at a stereoscopic image. In analyzing Agent [redacted] report, it also introduced several other players in the room watching him and the team recovery. Agent [redacted] refrain from trying to communicate with the actors and the item was recovered without incident.

Appendix 2: All experiments are recorded in the file # 178-E.

Appendix 3: 4 clearance personnel are advised to read the Incident Report # 178-14-alpha. Incident Report # 178-14-read alpha is mandatory for all employees at the level of 4 or higher vigilance clearance or approval of experiments.
Note: In Appendix 3 provides a basis for disciplinary proceedings.
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November 30, 2016


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