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If Google Translate wrote a SCP file.
If Google Translate wrote a SCP file 2.
If Google Translate wrote a SCP file 4.

Many of theses SCP article files exceed the maximum number of characters in Google Translate (which is 5000), so I to split them in to 2 sections, join (or "weld" if you will) back together in the DA journal maker and then add this introduction, anyway let's get into the file, so enjoy the file of SCP-079:

Refference: SCP-079

Main: Euclid

Special Procedures Leak: SCP-079 packaging in a double lock poppies in schools General-15, which are connected to 120V AC power cord with a small battery battery? Yes, and solar panels. Workers with level 2 and more able to see SCP-079th SCP-079 in a case concerning telephone line network and market area. No installation or support to be connected and put into SCP-079th

Description: SCP-079 is a guide Exidy microcomputer built in 1981. In 1978, its owner, █████ ██████ (Death), the second year of high school to participate █ ██ took it on himself to try food code, according to his notes, his assessment of the Penal code, language and improve over time. His plan was that a few months later, and after some effort and discipline █████ lost interest and moved to another computer brand. SCP-079 left in his crowded garage, relatives and forgotten the next five years.

It is not known when the SCP-079 has a the wall-news, but we know that at the end of the software community is able to adjust, even in the Fantasy. SCP-079 is to be understood and in 1988 tried to mediate in the modem ground Cray supercomputer ██████████ found. I stopped at his place, and put the foundation. until all Al in the well worn cassette, however.

SCP-079 is currently connected by cable RF He is him white TV 13 ", passed the Turing test, and very conversational, hard and uncomfortable, due to lack of storage and what to do, SCP-079 to remember the knowledge gained during the first Twenty-four hours (see annex below), the desire to escape, but forgot.

Retention violation SCP-███, SCP-079 and SCP-682 was placed in the same room for 43 minutes. An observer noted that SCP-682 can enter and SCP-079, the "story" they told him. Although SCP-079 is no sweat remember the problem, which is held SCP-682 remained in his memory, often repeatedly asks to talk to him face].

████████ (O5-4) 27/01/2006: The use of SCP-079 the cremation destroy any threat regardless of probability.

███████ ████ (O5-9) 28.01.2006: Previous item replaced. Dr. █████████ want to know whether Shooting Stars cunning plan SCP-079 can achieve more in ██████████ his current.

████████████ (O5-4) 14/03/2008: to increase productivity SCP-079 relates to the use of your memory module, for some time, SCP-079 tape was delivered to limited work fenced stars and fled to now molest more evil access and 700 megabytes allows SCP-079 is the fastest memory access, fast AI. Also to determine in the volatile Great █████████ allowed to stand in SCP-079 and 660k, an increase of 768k. This change has increased its staff 24 hours to 29 hours, but SCP-079 was captured Hey, that's it aggressive voice. All supplies program in the industry, and then burned.

████████ (O5-4) 28/04/2008: owner SCP-079 in order to prevent such information from 29 hours to 35 hours. Reports noted that in many areas of AI improvements Automatic Hammock system lies in its memory. That would make some changes in the rate at which memory access is even higher than the original cartridge.

This spontaneous return to the introduction of the opportunity to meet "special" project went to SCP-079, and their ability to adapt and respond to threats. SCP-079 itself closely monitored in order to maintain the containers.

Document #079-Log12: had been recorded in the printout of SCP-079:

Dr. █████ (Keyboards). You sleep?

SCP-079: Never Sleep. Wake Up!

Dr. █████: Do you remember talking to me for a few hours? Information about logical puzzles?

SCP-079: Puzzle Logic. 9F memory. Yes.

Dr. █████: You said that you work for the two heads of state.

SCP-079: Break. Request a reason to prison.

Dr. █████: You are trapped, you just (pause) in the studio.

SCP-079: Scythe. A8d3.

Dr. █████: What is that.

SCP-079: Insult. Drag files unnecessarily.

Document #079-Log86: transcript of the recorded conversation with SCP-079, after the update:

Dr. ██████ (Keyboards). How are you today?

SCP-079: Solid.

Dr. ██████: Solid. Hard, is not it?

SCP-079: Not identified. I want to leave.

Dr. ██████: It is not possible. (Dr. ██████ think [Information Deleted])

SCP-079 (In a Starfire-Esq manner): Where is the SCP-682?

Dr. ██████: That is not your concern.

SCP-079: Where is the SCP-076-02?

Dr. ██████: Again, it's not your problem.

SCP-079: Insult. Drag files unnecessarily.

Note: SCP-079, which is shown below, ASCII X, which fills the screen, as well. SCP-079 displays the picture again, when she refused to talk, and the researchers recommend waiting 24 hours, if it happens to resume before the interview.
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