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Time for another SCP, this time I chose one of my favorites, SCP-999:

Item #: SCP-999

Object Class: Safe

Prohibit Certain: SCP-999 is allowed to move freely throughout the building rides you want, but if you are not in the barn. Title not allowed to leave the car at night or outside the production hall at any time. The pen is clean and the food twice a day. All staff in the waiting room of SCP-999 is allowed, but only if they are not assigned to other duties in a timely manner, or if you're on vacation. Theme plays when bored, and said quietly, not a threat.

Description: SCP-999 appears a large amount of an amorphous orange mud translucent adhesive weighs about 54 kg (120 lb) with the same consistency of butter. The size and shape of the thing that is constantly changing, but most forms of the Ottoman size. SCP-999 composition of the oil, but in which unidentified modern materials science. In addition, the thin, transparent membrane orange stuck around the problem seems to have the strength to speak.

Technical information explains how the most playful dog, domestic, SCP-999 Comment commitment, walks through more and jump on them, "Hug" A couple snuggled pseudo-bulbs, while her face Tuesday pseudo-pod all times, acute singing and cooing. SCP-999 surface exudes a pleasant fragrance that communicate with anyone. The table contains chocolate flavor, new clothes, bacon, roses and Play-Doh™.

Simply click on the surface of SCP-999 causes delays euphoria increases the risk of SCP-999 and lasted long after the distribution group. Favorite action items tickle fight, usually covers the whole person from his neck and Tickle, you want to stop (but not always meet those requirements).

Although the creatures to communicate with someone who seems to have a special care for those who are not satisfied or violated in any way. People who suffer from depression after exhausting their interaction with SCP-999 was completely cured with a very good outlook on life. Marketing skills of discussing the viscosity of SCP-999 Changsha-nostalgia.

In addition to conducting playful, SCP-999, to love, and they all seem to animals (especially men), he refused to eat meat and even risked his life to save another, even before the jump shot in (under intellectual reserves is still disputed, though childish behavior seems to understand human words, and the latest technology, including rifles). Nutrition All organisms, including candy and sweets with M&M™ and plate NECC™ is a favorite. His method foods like amoeba.

Addendum SCP-999-A: The following message is exposed test SCP-682 SCP-999, hoping to create homicidal madness would prevent.

SCP-999 rolled in the SCP-682 in the room. SCP-999 immediately crawls towards SCP-682

999: (elated gargle)

682: (inaudible groans, growls) What is it?

SCP-999 moves in front of SCP-682, jumping up and down on the dog in the same way, if you call a high-pitched whining sound.

682: (groans) Disgusting ...

SCP-682 immediately take SCP-999, completely flattened SCP-999 Viewers will end the test when SCP-682 began to speak again.

682: (growls) Hmmm? (Inaudible) ... what (low noise, like a light laughter) I feel all tingly ... in ...

SCP-999 is slightly elevated from the 682 SCP finger up and down the sides of the neck, where it clings to start pseudo-pod with soft nuzzling. Broad smile slowly around 682 SCP-face.

682: (deep laughter) ... I feel so ... satisfied. Fortunately ... (laughter) ... happy happy ...

SCP-682 repetition of the word "happy" for a few minutes, sometimes laughing, and then increase laughing nonstop. As laughter followed, SCP-682 rolls around on his back, struck its tail on the floor with a dangerous force.

682: (laughter) Stop! No tingling! (Continued laughter)

SCP-682 and SCP-999 is still "tickle fight" to SCP-682 last fall and is likely to be falling asleep with what appears to be smiling. After fifteen minutes each activity, two class-D personnel to recover the space SCP-999 SCP-999 has been removed, SCP-682 immediately activates an unidentifiable and triggered waves of energy from the body, all smiles and like a fool.

All the people in the field waves mutilation was hysteria, making SCP-682, it is possible to avoid and kill everyone on the road. At the same time, SCP-999 quickly to save as many as he can, and it's a safe place to recover from SCP-682 for "Smile Wave," while prohibited and agents re-contain SCP-682

Despite the tragedy, the SCP-682 facility, SCP-999 has been shown that all beings actually no fear gestures indicating that they want to "play" with SCP-682 again. SCP-682, but said: "The little nasty phlegm [DATA EXTICNTION] Wad and death."

Memorandum of Dr. ████. "Although the test was not successful and ended in a tragedy that the funniest thing I ever do, I did what I thought I'd see the day when I SCP-682 as" sweet ". Attach a copy of the safety belt to activate."
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