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If Google Translate wrote a SCP file 2.
If Google Translate wrote a SCP file 3.
If Google Translate wrote a SCP file 4.

I was bored so I decided to use Google Translate on the text in the document for SCP-035, the following is the result:

Item #: SCP-035

Object Class: Keter

Keep Specific Method: SCP-035 is to be stored in a sealed glass box, is not less than 10 cm (4 inches) thick. The case must be made of steel containing iron and front fender in all situations. The doors must be closed on three occasions, with the exception of employees in or out. No more than two (2) armed guard, to be published at any time. The supervisor must be maintained at all times and are not allowed in the dining accessories in any case out. A psychologist is still at any time. Scientists are not affected by SCP-035 at any time. SCP-035 is to move the two (2) weeks in a closed form again. The top of the box can be removed with SCP-101, SCP-035, because there is a negative "corruption" response. Who will be in contact with SCP-035, when a large quantity of goods is high psychological test.

Description: SCP-035 appears to be a white porcelain mask of comedy, but sometimes turns into tragedy. In these cases, which are already available, such as images, videos, including images, SCP-035 will automatically switch the video to reflect the new image.

severe burns, the viscous liquid is filtered December constantly all degenerative eye openings 035 and SCP-mouth contact with this substance gradually after some time, depending on the material until it is completely submerged in a pool of initial infection. Glass seems slow to respond to the effects of the product, where the choice of the construction of the ship. staying in order to comply with the strength of the material exposed in the same manner organisms. The origin of the fluid is known. The liquid can be seen on the front and visible even from the other side.

Articles 1.5 to 2 meters (5-6 feet) SCP-035, or eyes with her to an urgent need to establish. When SCP-035 is placed in front of each brain replaces SCP 035 is mounted on the original series, which has been closed and cause problems with brain death effectively. SCP-035 Body then "held" low speed conscience matter very rapid decomposition is less than a mummy. However, SCP-035 showed cognitive ability to maintain is serious structural damage control body, the body of a wound by body movements. They have no effect when placed on the surface of the animal.

SCP-035 as the verified information. Researchers have found some general information about the CPP and other historical artifacts that SCP-035 has been responsible for many important events. SCP-035 is very intelligent and charismatic personality, kind and fair to all who speak again. SCP-035 crashed 99 percent of all intelligence tests and competence to offer, and seems to have a memory.

However, SCP-035 was found that many arm psychological analysis, researchers can induce a mental state of the sudden and violent nature. SCP-035 has proven to be a very brutal suicide of a number of managers and employees to convert almost insignificant, only that language. SCP-035 has shown no exact knowledge of the works of the human spirit, and that means you can change everything into account, if you have time.

Also: SCP-035 is locked in a vault in an abandoned building in Venice 18██.

Add 035-01: SCP-035 was found that there may be something that has a humanoid form, including images and vector objects. SCP-035 could bring the whole movement, eliminating the need for residential properties SCP-035 road. But inevitably it dissolves in the doldrums.

Add 035-02: SCP-035 is an attempt to escape some scientists to convince him to help in their quest for freedom. failed uprising. All employees were exposed to SCP-035 has been completed and the psychiatric examination is compulsory for all employees. SCP-035 Contact

Add 035-03: It is noted that SCP-035 is capable of telepathy much to do if you have a different approach, and this is your advantage. Be careful when problems with the election SCP-035

Add 035-04: SCP-035 have expressed interest in another SCP, SCP-517 SCP-682 and especially the concern that doctors ██████ SCP-035 to make contact with some of its regenerative properties they rejected corruption and given a permanent home.

Add 035-05: escape after many attempts and after registration commander ordered SCP-035 events magazines in the country and banned permanently closed, so you can have more than one computer. Some workers complained, some even an outbreak of violence. As a direct result, completed all workers exposed to SCP-035 In the future, all SCP 035 affected employees rotate periodically, and access to activities is restricted as little as possible.

035-06 Appendix individuals less than 10 meters from SCP-035 has little nausea, whispering incomprehensible. Others had serious migraines. the object was observed, but without a change in behavior, sleep, and no noise.

the movement of some privilege SCP-035 was recovered, even temporarily, to explore the new changes in the behavior of the object. (Decrease)

Add 035-07: SCP-035 isolation cell wall of black fabric suddenly began to divide. Tests have shown that the substance is human blood, so heavily contaminated with various strange and unknown substances. Caustic, with a pH of 4.5 and was evidenced by prolonged contact with the walls of the structural integrity of which is harmful contact the contact.

It seems that the formation of patterns on the walls. Some things seem segment, including Italian, Latin, Greek and Sanskrit. sitting translation. Other departments seem to have said that the ritual sacrifice and mutilation. Often mysterious blessing for those who do Some officials were surprised to observe sacrifice that each brings a rare species of many workers and their families, often the opposite.

Researchers, while in the exam room shared customers complain loudly whispering and laughing crazy, worrying at irregular intervals.

HR daily work near and around the drive containing SCP-035 has lost its importance with the highest rates of suicide in people employed in the industry, if you have been exposed to SCP-035

The only change in the activities of the SCP-035 behavior is contained in the form of their government. If the recession is growing a lot, so sometimes break the glass, resulting in a greater dispersion of pollutants SCP 035 is currently bad happens very often, but six walks (6) within three (3) the death of the two scientists and theirs.

Add 035-08: Because the mass murder of members of team leaders cells / successful suicide receive moral damage SCP-035 isolation in this area and a general loss of employees in the SCP-035 death or prevent dementia epidemic high level expected negative decision that the outer wall and the inner layer of the mobile cover SCP-148 has also been shown in the SCP-132 server (see accompanying 132-01) issued SCP-035

Add 035-09: Use SCP-148 works well, the number of suicides and mortality return before SCP-035 within walking distance.

However, it seems that produce negative cells "greenhouse effect" refers occurs. Workers of cells showing that, almost imperceptibly feel a strong sense of fear, anxiety, anger and depression in general, and I've heard several times directly. Extended Stay causes severe headaches, suicidal thoughts, severe bleeding because the blood vessels around the eyes and mouth and nose, general hostility toward others, and the murmur of a greater volume, hearing almost deaf since all laugh constantly. The report was more than three (3) hours, which leads inevitably fall into a deep psychosis, and treat themselves or harm others. Most speak Latin or Greek, although some might say that previous language.

In both cases, the formation of blood and disproportionate growth curves exceed dirty edges and begin to form. Nature has been difficult to clean and are even more aggressive than the original, with a pH of 2.4. The evaluation of the total life of current wall are two (2) months before replacement.

E increasingly difficult, SCP-035, and the debate on the renewal of the rights that are recognized. (Decrease)

Add 035-10: walls, ceiling and floor SCP-035 is completely soaked in blood cells. All employees participate and left the room to get a toxic combination of comprehensive protection. It was created to clean.

You add 035-11: scope, intensity and persistence of the phenomenon takes place in isolation cells PCS-035 increased alarmingly. cell door he knew the will remains in prison, while workers are inside and can not be opened for a while. To add to the pool of blood products more often and try to take control or close the wound. suspicious activity began to appear in person. Electronic devices no longer work within cells and the light does not turn on, even though there is no physical reason that does not work, forcing the light source falls on without the use of electricity.

Cleanliness is no visible effect on cells, and the walls in the forces of very high speed reduces exchanged for a week, if the blood is almost impossible to get a good device.

SCP-035 can be moved to a new cell as a whole, including the age and separated from the rest of the system.
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Submitted on
September 21, 2016